Infrared Coagulation

Infrared coagulation (IRC) is a procedure wherein energy is applied to the hemorrhoid tissue causing it to shrink.  Just like banding, IRC treatment is successful only for internal hemorrhoidal bleeding.  It is not an effective treatment for external hemorrhoids.  IRC should be performed only after evaluation of symptoms and a thorough examination.

IRC is ofter offered by providers and non-physicians who have not been trained in diseases of the colon and rectum. Many of us who specialize in colon and rectal problems believe that hemorrhoid banding is more effective than infrared coagulation.

If your physician recommends infrared coagulation, make sure that he is able to explain why it is better for you than other procedures and that he/she offers other procedures. Another drawback to IRC is that most insurance companies will only pay for the procedure once every 3 months.

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